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Turin Information and Tourism: Birds-eye photo of the city rooftopsRecently completely renovated and relaunched at the cost of almost €100 million, the new and improved Turin International Airport (TRN) is also often referred to as the Torino Caselle Airport. Situated north of Piedmont, Turin International Airport is the gateway to Italy's popular Turin (Torino) region and lies close to Caselle Torinese, Colombretto, Malanghero, and San Maurizo Canavese.

Turin Airport currently handles approaching four million passengers per year and its new, spacious facility features three floors, covering over 57,000 square metres. The boarding lounge has already become known for its huge glass window, along with its new gateways, bus terminal and luggage system. Flights regularly arrive from all over Europe and America with many international carriers. Many regional flights around Italy are provided by the country's very own Air One, which links Turin Airport with destinations such as Barcelona, Ibiza and Rome.

Public buses, trains, shuttle buses, taxis and limousines all run to and from Turin International Airport throughout the day, and reaching the airport by car is also straightforward. One of the best ways to travel into the cultural centre of Turin from the airport is to take a train from the onsite railway station, which offers connections to the north-easterly city of Milan (Milano), on Italy's plains of Lombardy.

About Turin Tourism

Turin, referred to locally in Italy as 'Turino', lies roughly in the centre of the north-western province of Piedmont and is best known for the mystical Turin Shroud. The charming old city is loaded with fine churches and museums, which are particularly plentiful around the Piazza Castello and include the Museo Civico d'Arte Antica.

Tourists often fly into Turin Airport (TRN) with just one thing on their mind - to get a glimpse of the Turin Shroud itself. The shroud is housed in the opulent 15th century Duomo - a feat of engineering brilliance in itself and well worthy of an afternoon's exploration. Turin also boasts numerous cafés and restaurants around the Piazza Carignano and Piazza San Carlo, and the surrounding towns and villages are delightful, such as Collegno, Moncalieri, Settimo Torinese and Rivoli.

Contact Turin Airport (TRN):
Address: Turin Airport, Strada San Maurizio 12, 10072, Caselle Torinese, Italy
Airport Code: TRN
Tel: +39 115 676 373
Fax: +39 115 676 423
Turin Airport TRN

Turin Airport TRN

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